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- 3 XPole Xpert™ poles (static or spin)

- Boen Actiflex sprung dance flooring

- Surround sound audio system

- Yoga mats (classes only)

Our Team

About us...

“I started Pole fitness back in 2012 after seeing some videos online. I found that I enjoyed learning something new, getting into shape and making new friends. I also became a little more self-confident. In 2013, I moved to the United States for 2 years and I helped setup and run a pole studio with a friend. I got to visit Pole fitness workshops in LA and Las Vegas. In 2016 I moved back to the UK and now train most days in my new attic studio. I give small classes and 1-on-1 tuition - I'm excited to share my passion with others and look forward to hearing from you.”

“I'm the pole safety test engineer (aka husband). For all those who have never tried, don't judge until you have! Pole fitness isn't just a physical challenge, its a mental and artistic one too. All age groups are encouraged.”


Dancewear? Our classes are fitness based and you should be comfortable and able to move without restriction. Best wear t-shirt or vest and sports bra and gym shorts. For warm-up and cool-down, leggings/legwarmers are ok, but you need skin to grip the pole with your legs in the class. Be sure not to moisturise on the day of your lesson. Lotions, creams and oils on the skin get stuck to the pole and make it slippery and therefore much harder to use for you and those after you. No jewelry allowed, especially rings since these can scratch you or your pole buddies skin and damage the poles.

Footwear? Barefoot only please. No heels or hard shoes because the sprung floor is easily damaged and marked. Socks or leg warmers for warm-up/cool-down is fine.

What else should I bring? We recommend a water bottle and small towel.

Food/drink allowed? Water only in the studio please.

Changing? Bathroom available to change etc.

Social? We hope you make new friends during the class. We have a private facebook group for regular students to create group events and socials.

Booking a class? Please contact Annie direct for first time (below). Regulars can book online through the schedule link on the website menu. For your first class please try to arrive 15 minutes early to fill in the heath and safety form.

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